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Mr. Keyur Mehta with his professional sportsmanship and utmost prodigy has been able to endevour his business avenues by the foremost belief that clients are the centre of a business philosophy and ideas. He has been an enabler in helping them meet their Wealth Creation objectives.


With a career spanning more than 22 years in the field of financial services, Mr. Keyur Mehta with his unwavering dedication, traversed from a miniscule infrastructure of 150 square feet to a sprawling 3600 square feet of corporate and IT driven wealth management space with 25 professionals. His amassed leadership skills way back since his primary education and now to having established himself as the chairman and CIO of Mehta Fincon Services Ltd, a company that has pioneered in Portfolio Management Services (PMS) for High Net Investors in South Gujarat.



Working along the lines of 'Practicing what you Preach', his belief system is deep rooted on building righteous relationships with the clients regardless of the profit amidst a time when the market worked on the pretenses of false brokers, making him a trend setter. Keyur Mehta reckons that his professional existence is foundational of optimum satisfaction of the client, focusing more on the incremental aspect of the customer's needs. This belief extends to his habitual practise of meeting two investor regularly since 22 years now.



Keyur Mehta has been an attendee at more than 200 events and subsequently has interacted with about 20,000 people from the industry. His virtues have lead him to receiving the MFRT Sanman Award for his company and being called for expert deliberations at public platforms like Auro University to provide his expertise on enhancing the scope of post graduate diploma in financial markets. He profises his conceptual practise around how the process is more important than getting the result. If you chase after getting the process right, the result follows.




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